3. Siirt – Şırnak Exploration Licences (H2P JV)

Exploration Activities:

  • The high-resolution “remote sensing” project covering the license areas has been completed.
  • In the M48-a1, a2, and a3 exploration licenses, a 200 km-long 2D seismic data acquisition project consisting of 10 lines was completed in 2022.
  • A detailed field geology project has been completed in 2023, particularly for the M48-a1,a2,a3 exploration licenses.
  • Analogous studies regarding the oil fields discovered in recent years in Iraq and Türkiye are ongoing.

2022 Seismic Acquisition Project

2023 Field Geology Study

Planned Exploration Activities:

  • R&D project prepared for alternative data acquisition methods to overcome logistical challenges across the field has reached its final stage.
  • Interpretation studies of the seismic data collected in 2022 in the M48-a1, a2, and a3 exploration licenses are ongoing, and the necessary work for the exploration well is being carried out in 2024

  • Project: Siirt-Şırnak JV Exploration Project
  • Region : Siirt, Şırnak
  • Exploration Licences :








  • Targeted Reservoir Level : Mardin Group Carbonates
  • Average Reservoir Depth : 2.500 m
  • Share: 50% Çalık Petrol – 50% H2P

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