Our Quality Policy

As Çalık Petrol, our quality policy and promises are as follows:

  • Turkey’s needs in oil and gas exploration and production activities in order to attract the required minimum level of dependence on foreign provide quality and efficient manner,
  • As Çalık Petrol, to carry out projects and services / activities to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders with the participation and effort of all our employees,
  • To carry out the service activities required to increase competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets,
  • To comply with the quality management system requirements and to ensure continuous improvement, taking into account environmental factors and occupational safety rules,
  • Being a pioneering and innovative institution by keeping our quality standards at the highest values and fulfilling legal requirements, by providing services in accordance with international and national standards,
  • Raising the satisfaction of both our staff and beneficiaries to the highest level while establishing services within the framework of the legislation,
  • To ensure that our employees receive trainings that increase the quality of the service offered and improve their personal skills,
  • Ensuring that customer needs will be met in accordance with applicable legislation,
  • To increase customer satisfaction with risks and opportunities that may affect the suitability of exploration and production services,
  • To increase and maintain customer satisfaction,
  • It is the most important duty of all of us to reach the total quality in the most economical, fastest and shortest way and to gain the trust of all the segments we serve, and to maintain and continuously improve this.