Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Çalık Petrol, while performing our services, it has determined the provision of safe working conditions and the safe completion of the operations as a priority in all its activities. Within the framework of the OHS Management System, all operational activities will be effectively controlled to prevent personal injury, loss of life, damage to health and property, and destruction of the environment. Our institution undertakes that its personnel will make the necessary arrangements to achieve the following targets during operations in all services it provides:
  • Ensuring the safe operation of services provided in accordance with national and international rules and practices,
  • Achieving the goal of “Zero Accident” with the continuity of operational development by analyzing the accidents, determining the root causes and improving procedures,
  • To ensure continuous improvement of OHS management and OHS performance by preventing injuries and health deterioration,
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety rules, preventing physical injury and loss of life, providing necessary personnel training,
  • To evaluate the performance of the management and to keep the standards at the highest level by constantly updating the system,
  • Taking necessary measures against all identified risks, evaluating the measures taken and making necessary changes,
  • Establishing an emergency response plan and keeping the necessary human resources and other equipment constantly ready, revising and conducting planned / unplanned drills, ensuring that all personnel actually participate in the exercises.