1. Adiyaman Exploration Licenses

After conducting geological, seismic, and well data evaluation studies for the Gölbaşı (AR/ÇPA/M39-d2, d3) and Batı Besni (M39-C) licenses, fieldwork was carried out regarding the tectonic elements and surface geology of the region. Detailed interpretation studies were conducted by merging the 2-dimensional data covering a total of 100 km acquired by Çalık Petrol in 2011 with the vintage 600 km of 2-D data within the license area. In areas where seismic data collection was not possible topographically, two separate MT data were acquired, and detailed studies were carried out to determine subsurface structures through evaluations.

Based on the final interpretation, the identified prospects will be tested according to the exploration plan.

  • Project : Adıyaman Exploration Project
  • Region : Adıyaman, Gaziantep
  • Exploration Licences :



  • Targeted Reservoir Level : Mardin Group Carbonates
  • Average Reservoir Depth : 2.200 m
  • Share: 100% Çalık Petrol

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